Monday, July 5, 2010

Netto Market-Discount

Its almost 2pm here, & I just got back from a tiny little trip to the grocery store on my own. (sorry mom)

Its the little things so far that have excited me the most. Like, ordering my own ice cream (eis) without anyone's help. Or getting a little lost in old town, but handling it and somehow not panicking. Or sleeping with the windows open. I've been watching the German birds, and I even like them better than American ones.

Going to the grocery store by myself really lit me up today:) I had my first Kinder-egg experience and PLEASE I'm begging you, to order some for yourself off Ebay asap. The chocolate here is just phenom. If we're the 'most powerful country in the world', then WHY can't we get our chocolate right?

There were 2 English girls behind me in line, & I spoke all German just to feel superior ;)

Also, I keep attempting to find 'stilles wasser' (still water with no carbonation), but I keep ending up with the crappy stuff! I don't understand how Germans drink it. Its terrible. So currently, I have 3 bottles of MINDERALWASSER and no good stuff. Wasser from the tap, it is.

Also, I walked back to my dorm in the rain. And I picked a flower & put it in my hair. I'm the happiest.

I'm off to the Zwinger museum for the afternoon, then I'm thinking about renting a bike for the evening... or maybe having a picnic on the bridge near old town... WHATVER the plan is, It WILL include another KinderEgg. And probably some Zitrone Eis. lots and lots of Eis.

tschus tschus!!

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