Monday, July 12, 2010

Back in Dresden

The only thing more complicated than learning the language in Germany, is doing laundry in Germany.

I'm staying in a dorm with 17 floors, and there are only 3 (tiny) washers. And one dryer? Silly country. We have more stinky clothes than that! So tonight, my Troy friends and I fought for the washers. After some intense elevator surfing and 1 abduction scare, I finally feel clean. AND my dorm room is covered in wet laundry hanging from every available corner. Side note - there is a 50/50 chance I'm allergic to the detergent. I guess we'll all find out tomorrow!

In other news, Let me tell you about the last 3 days since I've been home from Leipzig!

We had another Lecture on Saturday, then we grabbed some Chinese for lunch. Ordering was difficult, because the waitress knew very little English, but a lot of German, while we knew no Chinese and very little German… But I did manage to get the right kind of water. ;) I was BEAT from climbing the monument the day before, so I hopped a train back to the dorm to take a nap. The rest of the group headed back in town to see a free concert, and I took a train about 3 hours later to meet them for dinner. Long story short, I missed them by about ten minutes, and while they were wandering in the grocery store next door, I just walked 3 stops past Albertplatz to the river where we'd be watching the soccer game, hoping I'd somehow find them. After some mind-reading, I found them next to our favorite Eis place :) Looking back on it, It was a miracle I ran into them, The fan-park by the river was PACKED. I could have been looking for them all night! But I got lucky.

Watched the game with all the Germans, and WE WON! 3rd place isn't too shabby, and the people celebrated just like usual.  Flags were waving like crazy, I saw some ridiculous dance moves once again, and after a lot of laughs, we headed back to the dorm in the chaos.

BUT THEN THE BEST THING EVER HAPPENED. On the streetcar, was a blonde man. Who had nothing on but a lime green overall-thong. He was asking us where we were from, began to sing Sweet Home Alabama, told us how much he hated that song, said some very typical German/American things… and then he sat on my friend Haley. His bare butt was on her legs. I nearly popped a blood vessel I laughed so hard. It was the funniest thing I've seen all trip long! I'd tell you more, but you really just need to get on my facebook & see the pictures for yourself....

The next morning we headed for Saxony-Switzerland, which little did I know, is NOT actually in Switzerland. Its about 30 minutes out of town, and a completely picturesque place to go hiking/canoeing/biking/etc. And after climbing that monument, I felt like I could do anything! We hiked the 700 steps to the top(woah), and while I took a few stops to take some pictures and rest, It pretty much kicked my butt. But I made it! I wasn't the first… but I also wasn't the last ;) At the top we ate bratwurst and pommes and took 23424235 pictures. The views from the top always makes the climb worth it. It reminded me a lot of Gatlinburg! But better. duh.

That night (sunday) we watched the Spain/Netherlands game and GOOD LORD, it was terrible. I was rooting for the NED because Spain just plays too dirty, and the 12 yellowcards in this game proved it. Most of the Germans were rooting for NED too, Spain has become the new enemy:) It was just painful to watch. A game with 1 million shots but only 1 lucky one always breaks my heart. Spain won in the end, but NOT because they deserved it. During the next world cup, I'll be 25. Hows that for scary?

Today we had class from 1:30 - 5, and then a few of us went on FOUNTAIN TOUR OF DRESDEN 2010. AKA… we made it up cause we're HOT and everyone gets in the fountains here in their underwear. Yes, even adults! So we worn our swimsuits to class, and hopped in the nearest fountain we could find. We wandered around town for about 4 hours, just getting in anywhere. It was a blast!!!! And so refreshing. We've been sweating like crazy this whole time. OH and poor Katie fell in a hole in one of the fountains… but you had to be there to witness it or you'd never laugh with me:) When I get back to Nashville, I'm going to demand they clean the cascades at Trevecca regularly, so I can hop in them whenever I like!

We grabbed a cheap dinner and went on our laundry mission, so here I am now, writing to you lovely people.

This blog is too long, and I hate long blogs. But I want you to know the details because I'm just having the best time! And I'm laughing so hard. And I'm being outdoorsy and trying new food and sleeping with the windows open and thinking globally and trying harder not to be an obnoxious selfish American and I just want you all to know about it:)

Gutenacht! Headed to BERLIN on Wednesday!

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