Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My right butt cheek hurts.

While facebook is taking 2384629842894 years to upload my pictures, I'll tell you about the last 2 days :)

Yesterday morning we rode the bus to see the temple of Zeus, then hiked up a hill to the Acropolis(!!!!) ..... only to walk back down the other side to grab lunch. Our tour guide is precious (Christiana) but I was mad at her for that moment. My baby feet hurt already. :)

For lunch I had a chicken pie, (no idea what that is exactly but I ate every bite) Greek chips & a coke. And a bite of a Bueno Bar! And BAKLAVAAAAAAA oh my gosh I nearly cried it was so good. Can you tell the food is 50% of the reason I was excited about this trip?

The walk up to the Acropolis wasn't bad once I'd had lunch. But once we reached the top, I kept having to remind myself that THIS ISN'T FAKE.  It all looked like a computer desktop background!? Everywhere I looked, I couldn't even imagine how it was possible to build this so long ago. Did you know it only took 11 years to complete the whole thing? I didn't. All day I was completely amazed. And the wind nearly knocked me off the top of the hill. We had so many laughs!

At the base of the Acropolis is a large rocky hill called Areopagus. I didn't think much of it until Christiana explained the name, which is translated to 'Mars Hill' in English. YES, LIKE WHERE PAUL PREACHED. Acts chapter 17 happened right there. I got tears in my eyes immediately, I couldn't wait to climb to the top! It was kinda scary, and I tripped 3525 times but woaaaaaah I was overwhelmed. Way to go Paul. Michael Louderback, I wanted to text you SO BAD. You would have loved it. (Maybe we can call it The Seattle School Hill....? eh eh eh)

Later on that night we split up for dinner & got a little lost heading back to the hotel, but what is a trip to a foreign country without a chance of never making it home? ;)

This morning we took the bus to Delphi, and on the way we passed through the most precious skiing village! As soon as I'm a millionaire I'm headed straight back there. It seemed so lovely. Who knew skiing was a big thing in Greece? Not me! Anyway, Delphi also included a hike to the top, (the mountains here are INSANE. But I'm also from Alabama so I'm easily impressed...) so we took off and of course I ended up in the back hahah. I'm sorry I don't claim to love hiking... oh well. On the way down we stopped at the ancient amphitheater to sing a little bit, (our director asked permission & she said yes originally) and 1 minute into our song, (with a least 100 other hikers around us that stopped to listen) a Greek guardwoman yelled at us to stop. Dr. C yelled back at us to keep going, and we all got so confused! We kept going for a bit but then got scared & stopped.  It was quite the spectacle. The whole crowed was angry with her for making us stop... at least we made a memory? Hahaha some people caught the whole thing on video... Also lunch was lovely. GREECE - GIVE ME ALL YOUR CHEESE. * i heard a rumor that Chris Pine from Star Trek was there? I never actually saw him but some of the girls SWEAR it was him.

On the way out, I slipped down the stairs, of course. And ripped a hole in my leggings :) Bahahah and now there is a bruise the size of Texas on my butt cheek - priceless. I was too busy falling all over the place to see Chris Pine :( Boo.

We drove through Thebes 2 times. WOAHHHHH. Although I can't stand thinking about Oedipus.... buhhh.

When we got back to the hotel was said goodbye to Christiana (i shed a lil tear, she was wonderful) & we sang in the hotel lobby for a group of precious Brazilians. I shed a lil tear then too, they LOVED Psalm 23:) Now I'm back in the room, about to start packing. We leave for ROME at 6am!!!!!!

Its only noon for you kiddos, but I AM LE TIRED. Goodnight!

p.s. I've sang the Hercules soundtrack in its entirety at least 2 times, while also reciting lines like "I'm a damsel, I'm in distress, I can handle this. Have a nice day" ... No, I'm not sorry.

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