Monday, June 20, 2011


I don't know what it was about today exactly - but it was wonderful. 

This morning we went to hang out with some high schoolers at Petko Karavelov (Петко Каравелов), for some conversational English. And we started out shaky, as always. But then, suddenly, 6 teenagers opened up to me. And we talked (through some translation confusion, always hilarious) about Beyonce, America, Bulgarian food, how terrible I am at Bulgarian grammar, New York City, college, Christianity, the club scenes in Sofia, Turkey, WHATEVER, and the 2 hours flew by. They made me sing for them, and quizzed me for at least 20 minutes about how in the world could I NOT have a boyfriend. (I'll be honest, I told them I don't know why not either ;) hahah - and then I gave them the 'I'm too young to get married when I still have so many places to see' speech. Which is the real answer!) Then they took me to cafe, & bought me banitsa, and this completely terrible Bulgarian wheat drink that they all LOVE but I wanted to spit out ASAP. We took turns laughing at the faces I made... I think they tricked me!

Then we sat in a park & talked about Roma people & racial injustices in Bulgaria & Eastern Europe, as well as racial tension in America... thats a normal conversation to have with 6 high schoolers at 10am, right? NO. - When I left, I was on cloud 9. We're headed back for more teaching/conversation time in the morning. I seriously can't wait. 

I had NO idea I'd love this so much you guys. It may have been a fluke, but I feel like spending time with high schoolers may be something I'm good at? Maybe mentoring or something? I just felt so in my element, and these kids had so much to teach me too. And they paid for my lunch. And I was so happy. 

Then - I got to babysit the Mann's kids! They JUST moved here from Kosovo. (They are missionaries, they spent the day working on Visa situations) Sarah is 2, and John is 4. (My grandparents names - loved that) AND WOAHHHHH ARE THEY A HANDFUL. But even with the yelling & time outs, I still enjoyed their precious imaginations during our game of 'I'm the baby, you're the Grandma'. I love nannying cause I feel like I'm practicing for mommyhood one day. Like, a million years from now... :)

And then, I went to the grocery store by myself to grab stuff to make dinner - (crispy ranch chicken with rice and green beans) And I must say, it was yummy. I love cooking for other people! Cooking for yourself is never as fun. I cleaned my plate like a good Bulgarian.

Over dinner, my team got so much closer. Like, miles closer. The events of the day sparked an incredible conversation about our strengths, our differences, being vulnerable with each other, our problems with each other, but also our admiration for each other... I can't even explain how thankful I am for these friends I'm living here with. It was like a collective sigh of relief for all of us - We love each other, and we love it here, and we are even more positive that God put us here for a specific reason. The patience is starting to feel worth it. We're feeling things starting to move, for us personally, but also - the people in this country are really starting to feel like FRIENDS.

Its all just terribly exciting. AND I'm going to Istanbul this weekend. AND we're planning hands on craft activities for our time in Zavet with boys (ages 11-18) who are living in a juvenile delinquent center. AND I get to help with a mural we'll all be painting. AND we're leading worship in Montana in 2 weeks. AND I got to skype with my parents yesterday AND also my BFF/Roommate, AND I'm in my pjs with all the windows open and the breeze is delicious and I'm about to read until I sleep, and things are just wonderful. Completely wonderful.

Today was one of my favorite days in all of life. 

Its always about where your heart is, I guess :)

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